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eProcurement Software Suite


Access preferred suppliers through an online network of approved sourcing channels.


Eliminate the extreme bottleneck of  invoice and purchase order processing and approvals done through email correspondence by going mobile — just one tap. Integrates with all legacy systems.

Spend Analysis & Tracking via e-View

Leverage data, analytics and insights to know exactly what you have. Strengthen and improve your position in future negotiations. Highly- customizable to design ANY VIEW required for planning or overnight decision-making!

Contract & Supplier Management

Reduce your unmanaged (tail) spend by eliminating non-compliant and non-competitive contracts and vendors and re-aligning them into the strategic bucket.

eProcure Software Suite: Driving Innovation in Procurement

TCGi’s eProcure Procurement Software Suite has all the essential components to automate and optimize your Procurement functions and save your firm a lot of time and money.

Key Features & Highlights:

  • End-to-end process visibility
  • Mobile First (latest Android OS & Apple IOS)
  • Javascript-based
  • Fast & lightweight
  • Standardized & Compliant
  • Compatible with all main browsers
  • Seamless Integration with all 3rd party systems, e.g. – SAP, Oracle, all ERPs
  • Scalable
  • Enterprise integration capability: Message driven, loosely coupled, asynchronous
  • MEAN stack (MongoDB, Angular JS, Express, Node.JS)

The eProcure Platform

Spend Analytics and Tracking using eProcure’s eView

  • Data extraction from any source system
  • Full spend transparency by categories, suppliers, buying entity, other relevant qualifiers
  • Access spend data in a matter of seconds, regardless of volume or complexity
  • Detail improvement through advanced and unmatched classification logic


  • No download, signing, scanning, attaching and email — one-tap approvals!
  • Eliminate process points that easily fall through cracks!
  • Full data access for dynamic report capability
  • Fully integratable with internal and 3rd party systems
  • Automates 99% of manual functions


  • Select from only verified and preferred Suppliers
  • Programmed to follow Strategic Sourcing Best Practices


Contract & Supplier Management

  • Manage & Optimize to only verified, preferred and metrix-rated Suppliers
  • Reduce Tail (Unmanaged) Spend, Increase Value
  • Centralize contracts into one repository
  • Greater control over compliance

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