Avis Yates Rivers, CEO Technology Concepts Group International

I hope you gained a lot of new insights from the ProcureCon IT Sourcing conference. put a sentence here about the 3 points below:

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If you would like to have a brief discussion on your IT procurement challenges, you can schedule a 30-minute call with me by simply connecting to my calendar.

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IT Integrated Procurement

Your Roadmap to Best Practices in Spend Optimization, Vendor Management,

IT Asset Management, and Supplier Diversity

Perhaps you downloaded the condensed version of TCGi's white paper on IT Integrated Procurement from Procurecon's website. We are pleased to provide you the full version of this white paper that goes into more detail on innovative approaches to buying and managing your IT assets.

Most organizations own thousands of software products and spend millions on software licenses. Learn the critical things you should be considering to get your software assets under control.

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