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IT Sourcing: The Function No Department Can Live Without

IT Sourcing: The Function No Department Can Live Without

It’s the one function nobody really thinks about, but can hurt a company if it isn’t addressed. Without it, the company as a whole cannot be productive. It’s called IT sourcing, and it’s one of the most important functions in your company.

If your company isn’t putting enough effort into optimizing its IT sourcing strategy, you could be drastically lessening the efficiency of your day-to-day operations. It’s that important.


Relationship Between IT Sourcing and Other Departments


Every department in an organization has important technological needs. Their operations are driven largely by technology.

When employees in a particular department do not have the technological resources they require, they are unable to carry out their duties as effectively. Your company could be losing a lot of money as a result of faulty IT sourcing practices.

Because of this, many departments will handle their own IT purchases. They believe that since they know what needs their departments have, they can make the right decisions regarding the purchases of IT resources. While this thinking may seem reasonable, it can actually cause great harm to the organization.


An Example


The software your customer service department uses is ridiculously outdated. Customer service reps are unable to provide a superior customer experience because the software they are using is cumbersome and slow.

In order to rectify the problem, the leadership of the customer service department decides to invest in a snazzy new software program that makes it easier for the customer service reps to do their jobs. Problem solved, right? Wrong!

While the leadership understands the needs of their department, they don’t know how to purchase software correctly. They don’t understand how to manage their software licenses, which means they could be overspending or worse, putting the company at risk of becoming noncompliant. These are both serious issues that could cause great harm to the company.

This is where IT sourcing comes in. When a department partners with the IT department, they are able to make more informed decisions that address all components of IT purchasing. The department can get its technological needs met while making sure the company is keeping costs low and maintaining compliance with your company’s end user license agreements.


As you can see, IT sourcing is an incredibly important practice. Without it, companies aren’t able to be as effective as they could be. How can your organization optimize their IT sourcing strategy in a way that allows IT to collaborate with the rest of the organization? It’s one of the issues that will be discussed at the upcoming Procurecon conference. Click here to learn more.


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