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Benchmark Report:  Challenges in Asia-Pacific Procurement

Learn what the biggest Challenges facing Procurement Organizations are in 2016 as stated by 100 Procurement Executives. 

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eBook: The Risks of Rogue Spending

Discover how a viable tail spend management program can significantly reduce rogue spending and literally save millions of dollars by empowering your company to seize control of its spending.

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The Essential Tail Spend Checklist

Th essential first steps in the form of key questions that will set you on the path to understanding, identifying and eliminating the hidden waste in your procurement’s spend.

Tail Spend Webinar Replay

Learn about key steps to get your un-managed spend under control and Minimize Risk, Minimize Waste!

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Presented by Avis Yates Rivers, TCGi CEO and Procurement Knowledge Leader.


TCGI Media Series Video 

TCGi CEO Avis Yates Rivers speaks about the critical importance of increasing the meaningful participation of women and people of color in technology.

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IT Integrated Procurement™ : Best Practices

Your Roadmap to Best Practices in Spend Optimization, Vendor Management, IT Asset Management, and Supplier Diversity


Software Asset Management Webinar Replay

7 Objectives (Secrets) to building a strategy towards optimal Software Asset Management for your company  — and  Reduce costs, Minimize Risk!
View Replay  Presented by Avis Yates Rivers, TCGi CEO and SAM Industry Leader.

Your-Software-Management Initiativeb

Your Software Management Initiative

7 Objectives You Should Be Working Towards That Will Reduce Cost & Maintain Compliance TODAY!


eBook:  Introduction to Supplier Diversity

Discover how Supplier Diversity can make your company more successful and give you a competitive edge. Email Us!

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IT Procurement Roadmap

Your Roadmap to Best Practices in Spend Optimization, Vendor Management, IT Asset Management, and Supplier Diversity