first steps towards successfully managing your software assets

Here's what you will receive...

  • 1

    Overview of your current environment

    TCGi will assess your current environment based on an initial survey assessment and follow-up questions. We use this information as input into our analysis and your scorecard. We will review several key areas of software asset management including effective discovery methods, reconciliation of what’s purchased and what’s installed, software usage, reharvesting, etc.

  • 2

    Scorecard benchmarking your software asset management practices with industry best practices

    Using the data we collect from your company, we look at your current practices and identify what’s working well for you and where the gaps are compared to industry-accepted best practices. We will assess how your processes align with the ITAM maturity model.

  • 3

    Two-hour consultation with industry expert, Avis Yates Rivers

    In this two-hour session Avis will review TCGi’s findings and your scorecard results. You will use this time to drill down into areas where tangible benefits might be realized by addressing certain areas on your scorecard. Avis will provide insights into alternative procurement practices to increase the likelihood of continuous licensing compliance.

  • 4

    Executive report with baseline recommendations and options for next steps

    Your engagement concludes with a formal executive report highlighting the overall findings and opportunities for improvement. You will be able to use this report with your key stakeholders to build support for your business case should you decide to move forward with proposed recommendations.

A Great Opportunity

Do you have a comprehensive understanding of your present software asset management practices?

Assess your current environment and gain powerful insights from industry experts into how you can better leverage your software dollars and reduce compliance risks.

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