Custom Procurement Service & Software Solutions



TCGi’s eProcure™ Collaborative Platform has all the essential components to automate andoptimize your Procurement processes, resulting in significant cost reductions.

Tail Spend Management

Take greater control of your tail spend management with a customized program from TCGi. From eliminating waste and decreasing overspending to reducing complexity while saving you money, we make it simple to solve it forward.


Telecom Expense Management

TCGi can help your business save thousands of dollars and more off your monthly telecom spend and generate sustainable savings through the optimization of your telecom contracts, services and assets. It’s made possible through our unique combination of tools and services that track, integrate and manage your telecom spend and infrastructure.

Integrated IT Procurement

Our innovative approach will create an IT procurement management process that is seamless and simplified. Let TCGi help you solve it forward with lower costs, consolidated payment methods and better payment terms.


Software License Optimization

TCGi helps you solve your software license management forward with tailored services that ensure your IT organization is properly managing licenses and in compliance with software regulations. With TCGi, fines and penalties are avoided and greater spending efficiencies are realized.

Equipment Leasing & Financing

TCGi offers affordable customized leasing programs that minimize your risk and lower equipment costs. We make it simple by solving it forward with a lifecycle management process that provides a range of flexible end-of-life options making it easier for your organization adapt to constantly-changing business needs.


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