TCGi 2015 Year in Review (with video)

TCGi 2015 Year in Review (with video)

It’s been an exciting year for TCGi. <Scroll down for video message version from Avis -CEO>

We have been growing and evolving— keeping our focus on solving IT forward.

Nothing demonstrates that core intention more than our successful delivery of an innovative IT Integrated Procurement solution to Merck; which they have fully embraced, with expansion in mind for 2016.

We on-boarded new team members who are truly customer-focused and out-of-the-box thinkers and are ready and able to carry out the charge.

On the interactive information sharing front, we led two webinars, one on Software Asset Management and the other on Managing a Corporation’s Un-managed Spend (Tail Spend). And we trust you have seen and browsed through our new e-Newsletter, Tech Concepts.

You may have noticed that TCGi has undergone a rebranding effort, reflected in our new logo and freshly streamlined website. There you will find a detailed view of our core services. We also have a Knowledge Center filled with industry-related and industry-peripheral white papers, e-books and Webinar replays that will provide you with content of a more in-depth nature.

Our Blog section contains relevant articles on a whole range of topics that we trust you will find engaging and informative.  And for all of it, we want to hear from you. We want your feedback, comments and questions.

Our commitment is to be customer-focused and a source of content that is informational, educational, and frequently, inspirational. After all, most of us will keep coming back to a trusted source.

Internationally, we expanded our  presence with the opening of our new location inSingapore and upcoming European location in Brussels. Our CEO’s travels took her to Portugal, Singapore, and cities throughout the US like Denver, Atlanta, New York, Hilton Head, and San Diego meeting prospective customers and serving as a thought leader in advocating for greater participation of women and people of color in STEM-related fields.

Continuing on the Giving-Back front, in early December, we volunteered as a company (see the photo above of some of us in our fashionable hair-nets) at Elijah’s Promise and we were all so moved and inspired that we have decided to do it on a monthly basis.

Did you see our CEO getting the inside scoop about the latest Star Wars movie from R2D2 (in the photo above) at the HourofCode (a critical global movement) event?

This has been a very busy 2015; and 2016 looks to be ripe with many more opportunities for growth.

As the days wind down to the end of the year, we wish you all a very warm and wonderfulholiday season and a safe, joyful and great Leap into the New Year.

Here is the Year in Review video message from our CEO, Avis Yates Rivers: