TCGi’s Diversity In The News Report: February 2016

TCGi’s Diversity In The News Report: February 2016

In the month of February, there were several new developments in the diversity movement. Promising signs of increasing diversity in the workplace, as one of the major tech companies takes an important step forward.  And a decision by Silicon Valley as another positive indicator.

While we should celebrate every advancement forward, there are examples of how much more progress is needed.   The Oscars have shown that the film industry still has a major diversity problem. A major tech brand has decided to reject a measure that would increase diversity among its executive leadership.  It will be an ongoing evolution.


New Survey Shows Improvement In Diversity

XpertHR has released a new survey that gives some insight into the progress being made on the diversity front. The results of this survey show some promising improvements when it comes to increasing diversity in the workplace.

After examining the progress of 600 different companies over the last five years, they found that there are increased efforts to recruit a more diverse workforce. These efforts show that more and more companies are starting to take the diversity issue more seriously.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • More than half of the businesses surveyed have increased increased their diversity numbers over the past five years.
  • Racial diversity is one of the main areas of focus for these companies.
  • Over the next five years, companies will focus more on implementing mentoring programs for minority employees.
  • Companies will also begin to focus more on supplier diversity.

This survey shows that while there is still more work to be done, there are still many companies moving in the right direction.


Dropbox’s Efforts To Improve Diversity

Forbes recently published an article that highlights Dropbox’s efforts to improve diversity in their recruiting practices.

In January of this year, Dropbox released its diversity report which showed that the online storage company had much work to do in order to improve its diversity numbers.

In response to these findings, Dropbox hired Judith Williams as their Global Head of Diversity. Williams specializes in helping major brands combat unconscious bias in hiring decisions. Previously, she worked with Google on a similar initiative.

The step that Dropbox is taking is a good indicator of their commitment to diversity. Their leadership has stated that they plan to do more to increase diversity over the next few years.



Y Combinator Embraces Diversity

Y Combinator recently accepted a non-profit organization that focuses on increasing diversity.

Y Combinator is one of the most prominent incubator for tech startups. It has provided funding for companies like Reddit, Airbnb, and Dropbox. Silicon Valley’s issues with diversity are no secret.

Minorities and women have had huge obstacles to face in the tech industry. Because of this, Silicon Valley has had to look at other ways to increase diversity.

Enter Makinde Adeagbo. Adeagbo was an engineer at Pinterest before he decided to start /dev/color, which is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support African-American software engineers.

Y Combinator’s decision to bring an organization like /dev/color into its ranks shows that the tech industry is starting to take the diversity issue more seriously.


Hollywood Still Has A Diversity Problem

This year’s Oscars ceremony shows that Hollywood still has a problem with diversity.

Diversity isn’t just an issue in the tech world. It’s also an issue in the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to film. This is a subject that was covered recently by ABC News.

The lack of diversity when it comes to nominations for the Academy Awards has been a hot-button topic for years. It’s been something that social critics have been protesting for decades.

This year, frustration with the Oscar’s lack of diversity has intensified. Many movie stars have spoken out against the Academy and have even stated their intentions to boycott this year’s show.

It’s clear that the movie industry needs to address this issue, but the question is, what will have to happen before they realize the importance of promoting diversity? While many actors such as George Clooney, Don Cheadle, and Danny DeVito have criticized the Academy, there doesn’t seem to be enough movement in the “higher ranks.”

While many believe that the problem begins with the Academy, it could be something deeper than that. According to George Clooney,

“The real problems are the diversity from the beginning, the people who are green-lighting films.”

From this, it’s easy to tell that there is still much work to be done in the movie industry.


Apple Shareholders Reject Major Diversity Initiative

An attempt to get Apple to increase diversity in its executive leadership was voted down.  

Recently, one of Apple’s shareholders made a proposal that would require the board of directors to enact an accelerated recruitment policy for minorities and women among the upper leadership of the company. Currently, Apple has 18 executive of which 15 are are white males. These numbers are indicative of Silicon Valley’s diversity problem.

Apple’s board Worked to convince shareholders to vote against the proposal. They argued that this type of accelerated policy would be “too restrictive.” In the end, the proposal was voted down 94.9% to 5.1%.


While there is still much work to be done, the month of February has shown that there is some progress being made. See you for next month’s report!