The Important Relationship Between Procurement and IT

The Important Relationship Between Procurement and IT

Are you tired of the mistakes your company is making when it purchases IT assets? Are you a procurement professional that sometimes feels as if your IT is speaking a language that you only hear on Star Wars? Maybe you’re an IT professional that wishes your procurement department understood the ins and outs of properly purchasing software assets.

It can be frustrating. You wish the other department would just “get it” already.

What would happen if your IT and procurement departments collaborated effectively with one another? How would that impact your organization?

The time has come for your IT purchases to be made more efficiently. The problem is that many organizations remain divided into silos, which means that they are not as effective as they should be.

This is evident when it comes to purchasing IT resources. Procurement and IT departments typically do not work with one another in a way that is beneficial to the organization. However, when IT and procurement collaborate effectively, it can be greatly rewarding for the company as a whole.


The Relationship Between IT and Procurement

In order to make your company more efficient, it is immensely crucial that your procurement and IT departments are able to work together. When procurement decides to purchase IT resources without consulting with IT, it’s very likely that they will make purchases that do not help the organization.

Conversely, if IT does not understand the proper processes and procedures that procurement must go through in order to make cost-effective purchases, they may make recommendations that do not benefit the company.

When these two departments fail to have a productive relationship, it can result in having a detrimental impact on the morale among them. It’s very important that these two departments learn to commiserate in a way that makes the company better.


Bringing the Two Together

Fortunately, the relationship between procurement and IT can be improved. When this happens, the organization will be much better off for it.

When IT and procurement have a better understanding of one another, they can more effectively work together to ensure that the IT purchases that are being made are actually good for the company.


If you are a procurement professional that regularly interacts with IT, your life will be made much easier if you are able to understand the ways in which they function. Gaining a heightened understanding of the nuances involved in IT sourcing, will make your job much easier.

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