Welcome to the TCGI Blog!

Welcome to the TCGI Blog!

We are back with a fresh look and tons of information to share. Please come back often, contribute to the conversation, and invite others to join you.

It is our goal to share information that is relevant and sure to be of interest, such as:

Reducing your IT budget by employing these strategic initiatives:

  • IT Integrated Procurement – reduce costs with streamlined procurement processes
  • Optimized Software License Management – gain control of your portfolio to optimize spend and compliance
  • Strategic use of capital — stop purchasing depreciating IT assets; there’s a better way!
  • Effective management of your low-value IT purchases — Tail Spend Management

We will share our expertise and market insights to support your efforts to increase the value of IT and improve the way you procure IT.

Innovation and productivity of your IT workforce:

I also have a profound interest in enhancing the innovation and productivity of your IT workforce and will share effective strategies and best practices in this area. For example:

  • Why is it important to diversify your IT workforce?
  • Who’s missing and why?
  • What are some effective strategies you can employ today?
  • What happens if you do nothing and maintain the status quo?
  • Does a diverse IT workforce have a positive impact on your bottom line? Absolutely!
  • What research is available on which to base your business practices?

I have a ton of information to share as a result of my work with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) and other partner organizations and will be happy to break it into easy-to-implement pieces.

I am looking forward to lots of engagement and conversation. Please come back often.